Stages of Learning

Fundamental Stage

The fundamental stage centres on developing the individual qualities required to play the game. Mastering the ball in order to be able to recognize and exploit space, combined with ability to hide and protect it from opponents provides the foundation for all future learning. Practices take the form of a variety of coach-led activities and the playing of fun skill-based games.

Players move onto the next level once they are able to demonstrate the fundamental stage learning objectives.

Foundation Stage One

Foundation stage one builds on a player’s individual skills with the introduction of combining with others. Receiving and passing skills are developed in conjunction with an awareness of space as part of a team. Player’s learn basic attacking and defending principles along with developing a style-of-play through playing a variety of small-sided game related practices.

Players move onto the next level once they are able to demonstrate the foundation stage one learning objectives.

Foundation Stage Two

Foundation stage two builds upon existing skills and knowledge so that player’s can begin to develop a tactical understanding in relation to roles and responsibilities when playing through the thirds.

Players are also beginning work on the art of finishing when in-and-around the box or through one-on-one with the goalkeeper.