Highbury Fields, Islington, N5

Ankle Biters

Our Ankle Biters class provides young children with a positive introduction to the game of soccer. Children learn through playing a variety of fun games the ability to recognize space and keep possession of the ball as an individual.

Classes are for 4 to 5 year olds and take place on the AstroTurf pitch in Highbury Fields on Saturday mornings from 8:30am to 9:15am. We deliver classes throughout the school year during autumn, spring and summer terms.

The coaching fee per term is £95. Concessions are available for low-income families. Please ask for more details.

We offer a free taster class so that children and parents can experience a session before deciding whether or not they would like to commit to a term.

Please sign up for a free taster by submitting the form below and we will get back to you about availability in due course.

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    Terms & Conditions

    To help us make sure that every session is as enjoyable and as safe as possible please take a few moments to familiarise yourself with our Class rules set out below – thank you!

    • Help us start the session on time by arriving promptly for the class. Being late is disruptive and has a negative impact on the session. Consistently being late will result in your child losing their place in the class.
    • Remember that you are the responsible adult for your child when they attend our Ankle Biter Class. Responsible adults should stay within easy sight and reach of their child at all times.
    • Keep siblings, buggies and associated equipment off or as far back from the playing area at all times. We ask that parent/carers observe from the wall side of the AstroTurf pitch. ‘Pitch invaders’ are not covered by our accident insurance if they cause or are involved in an accident.
    • Please play with siblings away from the activity area to avoid distracting your child and others.
    • Parents/Carers should provide drinks for their children. Drink breaks are taken when instructed by the coach not during an activity.
    • Ensure your child is wearing athletic clothing and proper footwear for each session and that you have packed appropriate clothing for all weather.
    • Photographic images and video footage taken during sessions are used on our website and a variety of social media platforms for training, marketing and promotional purposes. Parents/Carers who do not wish their child’s images to be used should notify us so we can action your request.
    • Term fees are due on or before the first class of the term. Late payment of fees is subject to £25 penalty charge!
    • We do not offer refunds In the event of a class being cancelled due to inclement weather.